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Thread: Artifacts on Radeon 4850 with oss ati driver

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    Can a mod or somebody move this to the appropriate forum?

    I have a bit of an update as well. I installed Arch Linux, and it gave me the same problem as I was getting on Gentoo. So I installed Fedora instead because the LiveCD worked for me. After installing it, I was greeted with the same problem again.

    After logging on, I opened up the Display preferences, and actually setting up my resolution properly fixed the artifacts. 1280x1024 on the left screen, 1680x1050 on the right. I believe Gentoo and Arch were doing 1280x1024 on both screens. Might have had something to do with Mirroring?

    On Gentoo, I did not have my resolutions set up properly in xorg.conf, and I didn't have that set up in Arch either. Maybe somebody can give me a hand with Xinerama in xorg.conf?
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