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Thread: maximum 3d screen size?

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    Default maximum 3d screen size?

    I currently have the firegl v3100 running dual monitor big desktop 3200x1200. 3d works out to around 2560x1200 and then beyond that fgl_glxgears freezes. Is this a limitation of the driver? I am using the latest for this card, v8.583.

    If it a limit of this card and driver combination, would the radeon hd 2400 using the v9.6 driver enable 3d on the full 3200x1200 desktop?
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    There is a hardware limit around 2560 pixels for those chips. It may be possible to force the driver to treat each screen separately, which would get around the limitation; maybe initializing the driver with something like :

    aticonfig --initial=dual-head -f -xinerama=on

    The corresponding limit on a 6xx/7xx family part like the HD2400 is 8K.

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