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    Exclamation GCC performance testing request

    Hello, phoronix guys!

    Can you PLEASE test these versions of GCC: 4.2.4, 4.3.4 and 4.4.2 using whatever benchmarks you like (the more the better).

    I suggest running at least these benchmarks:

    1) LAME compression/decompression (mp3)
    2) FLAC compression/decompression
    3) VORBIS compression/decompression (ogg)
    4) x264 compression/decompression (H264)

    1) Firefox page rendering time/miscellaneous JS benchmarks
    2) Chrome
    3) Aurora (rebuild Qt as it's based on Qt's WebKit component)

    1) GZIP/BZIP2/7-ZIP compression (of big enough TAR archive)
    2) If you manage to compile e.g. GCC 4.2.4 using all these compilers (which is difficult, since GCC rebuilds itself as a part of a compilation process), then please test compilation times of e.g. heavy C code (say entire kernel 2.6.30 tree) and some heavy C++ code (say Qt library)

    1) Quake 2 performance when running in software rendering mode
    2) Quake 3 performance using software GL mode (say, running in VESA server), MesaGL library should be rebuild using different compilers, of course

    1) Blender rendering time
    2) PovRay rendering time

    Please try to avoid testing IO bound applications since those results will be meaningless.

    Thank you!
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