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The most annoying thing about proprietary BIOSes in my opinion is that they are completely unpredictable in their use of SMIs (the so-called ring -2 that people get paranoid about). My old Sony laptop had random apparent hangs for as long as 10-20ms (fatal to the audio project I was trying to use it for). Downgrading its BIOS fixed the problem, which was caused by system management interrupts taking too long to give control back to the OS.

SMIs can be used for good, of course, like updating ACPI data, monitoring CPU temperature, and adjusting fan speed, but in a real operating system, I'd much rather do that using a low-priority preemptible thread than a realtime priority non-preemptible SMI.
I know this is really off-topic, but monitoring CPU temperature should always be possible, independent of the OS - don't want a crashing OS to stop temperature monitoring and other things like that.
Back on-topic, it's doubtful I'll ever get into using these docs directly, but it's great to see AMD pushing out this sort of thing for those who will be using it!