I think it's time for this thread to be locked before this gets out of control. I didn't want to do this but I'm going to have to.

@susikala No race or gender is inferior as a whole! Individuals can be lower in intelligence and contribute less to the advancement of the human race but NOT a race or specific gender and it's ignorant to say that.

The are so many white people who are lazy and are nothing but a drain on society and they fall in your white, male, heterosexual.

As a culture we have borrowed so much of what we are and what we know from other cultures and made it our own (even our language).

You would no doubt agree with me that people who are awarded with the Nobel Prize contribute very highly to the advancement of the human race and you just have to look at the huge number of females and other races that are awarded this achievement every year and your argument falls on its face.

If your statement is true it is because, and only because, it is the "most productive group" that literally held the others back from being more productive in the past.


We should not be so ignorant to this and everybody has an equal place on this planet (talking about the right they are born with, not the conditions they are born into and where they choose to go from there) and should be given every opportunity to succeed.

I am simply against the forced and dramatic change to the way we are supposed to speak in neutral terms by people who claim tolerance but are intolerant to all that do not follow their guidance.

I am not against using some neutrality in my speech where appropriate but when it get to be a joke like 'baa baa rainbow sheep' and from postman to postperson I draw the line. If thats the case we should do the ultimate change and go from woman to woperson.