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Thread: Messure startup time for a X App

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    Default Messure startup time for a X App

    Hi I want to write a script messuring the time it takes from a user run a command to a graphical (swing swt awt qt gtk ) application is loaded and its widgets are clickable.

    time is useless
    so it
    /usr/share/WHATEVER/app ;

    i see that a windows utility exists

    We should have something similar on Linux

    Ive been thinking about messuring loads of pages modules , xlib calls, blocks for app and timing that but maybe someone has coded it already ????

    Course im looking for a utility or technique as highlevel as possible which can messure startup time of any grafical app that runs on Xorg

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    The first problem with what you're trying to do is that you have to find a way to figure out when the application has started. And somebody has indeed already thought about this, see
    - in particular:
    This should provide you with a starting point for at least figuring out *when* an application has completed startup.

    How to actually measure all these things that you want to measure? That sounds more complicated. Maybe you can somehow integrate the startup notification with sysprof or oprofile or some other profiling mechanism.

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