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Thread: VIA Will Not Provide An OSS Chrome 9 3D Driver

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    Default It would be great to...

    ...have an insider giving an overview about featues and funktions that are or will be available for Chrome 9. The Webside and Mailinglist of Openchrome are not absolutly clearing the situation.

    Especially Dual-Head-Funktions, 2D-Support (Video), future features like KMS and working Suspend/Resume would be interesting, cause to me decent GPU-Support is the critical argument to purchase an NC20 or not. No 3D is "ok", but the mentioned stuff should work "in the wild" (e. g. Dual-Head).

    If VIA can't provide documents and/or code due to third-party-licence-problems, this is ugly but should be tolerated by us. The company should improve its communication to the community.
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    I registered today.

    I wanted to say fuque VIA also.

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