I have an Asus motherboard with an ATI HD 3300 graphics chip.
I'm currently running Ubuntu jaunty with a custom 2.6.28 kernel,
and the ATI Catalyst 9.6 drivers, all is well.

I want to upgrade to 2.6.30 kernel, I've compiled the kernel successfully and can boot to recovery mode, and I've tried various approaches to build and install Catalyst 9.6 drivers. All failing
with errors ... fglrx.ko won't build, DKMS problems, no compatible
graphics device found, etc. From research it seems I'm not
alone in this situation, and I need some patches to do this.
But I'm confused as to specifics.

Can someone tell me exactly what patches I need, where to
download them and how to apply them - among other things, I'm
confused as to whether I need to patch the kernel, or the
Catalyst sources.

After I do this, do I then just run

ati-driver-installer-9-6-x86.x86_64.run --buildandinstallpkg Ubuntu/jaunty

or is there more ....