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Thread: HD4890 vs. GTX275

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    Default HD4890 vs. GTX275

    Hi there!

    I'm standing in front of a hard competition with myself. I want to upgrade my graphic card.
    I spent several hours searching and reading tests of two possible candidates, that are interessting for me.

    The first one is the HD4890 from ATI, the other one the GeForce GTX275. Both cards have a very good price-performance ratio.

    There are only one thing at every side, which has stopped my now from buying one card.
    On the ATI side there is the driver question? How is the support of this actual card, are there any performance problems with 2D oder 3D acceleration? How tricky is it to install the fglrx for that card?

    The GeForce GTX2xxx series have a common problem. some cards of any manifacturer (it seems to be a unique card problem, not a problem of a single manifacturer) suffer of a so called tube whining problem. In higher framerates the card sometimes start whimpering extremely. That is for gaming reasons a horrible imagination!

    So, if someone can post a useful tip, i would be very pleased.


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    I noticed the same thread just some threads below mine...


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