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    Default Catalyst Ubuntu Samsung No 1080p

    Dear Phoronix members !

    Recently i have bought a new screen , a Samsung Syncmaster P2370 FULL-HD.

    The problem i have with this screen is that it only displays a native standard of 1600x900 , but this can be easely overided in catalyst 9.6 when i enable HDTV-SUPPORT and put modes in 1920x1080p , so i can work decently , now this all works perfectly in Windows.

    Now i recently installed Ubuntu 9.04 and installed the latest drivers from ati (9.6) , it all went well but when i try to enable HDTV-SUPPORT , it says that i need to reboot to apply changes wich i do. but when its done rebooting i still cannot set it 1080p max i can get it to work in ubuntu is 1080i @ 30HZ via catalyst wich is a very bad and shaky display , now i have tryed to force xserver to display 1920x1080p but this simply doesnt work it crashes whole over the place :/ , i have readed alot of documentation and tutorials but i cant seem to find an awnser to this problem , iam also still kind of new to linux but ubuntu is easy to learn , so if someone can please help me to get my Samsung Syncmaster P2370 to display 1920x1080@60HZ , iam realy happy and i can use ubuntu as my main OS now , here are my spec's

    CPU- Intel Core i7 920
    Motherboard - GigaByte GA-EX58-UD5
    RAM - Corsair 1333MHZ 6 GB kit
    Hardrive - Raptopx 10.000 rpm 150GB
    VGA - Sapphire Radeon 4870
    Soundcard - Asus Xonar D2/PM

    Best Regarts and thanks in advance !

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