I got some invations for heroes of newerth left...

Read the post if you want them

I'm the Savage 2 Promotion guy from the Community Project.
Savage 2 is an older game from the same Company (S2 Games) and it's free to play (there are one time fee premium accounts for a bigger inventory but hey...). I don't earn money for my promotion work money for modding Savage 2. I'm doing it because I love the game.

Lets make a "deal":
You get 2 of your friends to try out savage 2 (download for free, make a free account and play at least 3 games). Doesnt matter if the like it or they hate it and stop playing. You tell me the account name of your friends and your email and you will the invitation.

Savage 2 is freely downloadable at: www.savage2.com

I don't if this post is allowed. I dont earn money but I advertise a game. But it's from the same company and uses the same engine. Many players play both games (myself included). I hope its ok