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Thread: Virt-Manager Gets Improved UI, New Wizard

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    Default Virt-Manager Gets Improved UI, New Wizard

    Phoronix: Virt-Manager Gets Improved UI, New Wizard

    For those that use virt-manager as their virtual machine manager, version 0.8.0 was released last night and it introduces some noteworthy features. Version 0.8.0 of virt-manager features a new VM cloning wizard, an improved user-interface, system tray icon support, CPU pinning support, security settings improvements, and various other improvements and bug fixes...

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    It seams a bit "dead" compared to the old UI. Perhaps expanding the columns will help...

    It is a very interesting field nevertheless! Also what will Red Hat do about ?

    There have been no site updates since they acquired them. What's going on there?

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