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Thread: The FLOSS ethos and the morality of Cedega

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    Ah, I thought it sounded strange that Cedega would drastically change their business modell so you'd have to be subscribed to play.

    I still think it's wrong that non-subscribers can't see more info in the Games Database. "Works with issues"?? Which issues, how serious are they? Are there workarounds? I wont know before I hand over my cash, will I? Just out of curiosity, which issues does Fallout3 have? I do know it's not on the cedega supported list, but that is rather short list considering how many games there are out there.

    If Transgaming PR department have blocked that info, trying to make Cedega look better, then why can I still read the whines and gripes on the cedega forums?

    Sorry to sound like I have a strong distaste for TG, Cedega or those that use it, I don't. I was a cedega subscriber a long time ago but since the games I wanted to play weren't on the cedega supported list I had to wait weeks or months before some Cedega developper accidently touched the right piece of code and hope that it did improve my gaming experience. With Wine I can benefit from some quick dirty patches from some other gamer or developer.
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