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Thread: 2 cores vs. 4 cores in Linux

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    Quote Originally Posted by frantaylor View Post
    Did you see the status of that bug report: RESOLVED INSUFFICIENT_DATA

    Did you read the comments in the bug report?

    "this bug has long past the point where it is useful.
    There are far too many people posting with different issues.
    There is too much noise to filter through to find a single bug.
    There aren't any interested kernel developers following the bug."

    It is not even a bug report, it is just a random flame fest.
    Yeah, but it's only one of the reports. And it seems you didn't even read. Jens Axboe is still working on it. There's his patch also. Your reaction is very funny

    This is a problem in Linux with scheduling I/O and many cores. One process gets all the bandwidth and others can't get a word in edgewise.
    It seems it's not:

    Fair queuing would allow many processes demanding large levels of disk IO to each get fair access to the device, preventing any one process from denying the others.
    Even SFQ allowed this and CFQ moved even further. However, I don't expect from you to know this (if you even don't understand kernel versioning...). You and your friend already proved this in another thread.

    Have a nice trolling there:
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