To all game developers, porters and everyone else,

please stop grabbing my keyboard, as it get's me very frustrated.

The other day I was playing World of Goo and found out I couldn't change the sound volume with my keyboard, so I tried to alt+tab, but guess what..
The game grabs the whole keyboard, I had to go to windowed mode to do anything. I got angry and kept wondering why the hell a game that only uses the mouse has to grab my keyboard.

But that isn't the only game, I found out almost every game on linux grabs the whole input.
How come? no idea, please tell me.

I know of etswitch, but that doesn't work for every game (like warsow).
So I fixed it myself
for warsow.

Now I'm planning to do a few other games too (I'm not a good programmer,
but I learn fast).
So if anyone has a favorite game to fix, I might do that one next.
Because I think this is one of the things that keeps the windows users from using (playing games on) linux.