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This has been somewhat useful for me, esp. since it works for every game that supports windowed mode (which should cover 99% of existing apps).

The only problem seems to be fglrx, which keeps drawing the game's window even if it is minimized (worked once, but since 9.2 or something it does not). It does that also for the games, which support "real" minimizing, though...
Looks like that is exactly what I put in the code to fix this for warsow: make a game windows and then let the windows manager set it fullscreen with _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN.
But it doesn't change the keyboard grabbing, you'll have to remove the xgrabkeyboard in the input code.

For those whodon't understand whati just wrote: It's very simple to fix this problem, with only a few changes to the source code of the game.