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yea but you think 95% of the people who play it give a damn if its freedom software? I certainly don't. That said, I strongly advocate free software but like the rest of the free world I have the freedom to use non-free software and often times exercise that right.

Open arena is crap anyways. I offered my services to them but they seem too stuck up to actually make a game worth playing. Not saying im a great artist but anything is better then the garbage they have right now.
Yeah, true. I myself dont care too much about that either. I was answering the question that there could be a Free-like "OpenTerritory" for ET if the source code is indeed released. True, there's a big debate over at the FOSS camps, whether choosing to use non-free software should be a freedom too. But that's what the BSD license is for.

Well, that's somewhat of a subjective opinion about OpenArena. It's lacks polish, and leielol is, well, a pain to work with, but its fun to play ocassionally. What do you think if nexuiz?