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So you didn't do anything? Nothing in the registry, nothing regarding directx dlls? I have a 3850, what's your card?

The first time I ran the game the menu worked ok and the intro (something that I had never managed to see) was perfect, but the character selection was incredibly slow, and the background was all grey. I decided to quit the game, and suddenly I got a lot of corruption, the screen went into power saving mode, and... the computer restarted. After that, not even the menu worked ok (flickering).

BTW, it may be a 3 year old game, but it's fantastic :P
my cart is an 4670 but sorry my system is a bit old installed i can not be sure abaut realy do nothing in wine.

witch wine do you use? don't use 1.01!

wine needs version 1.1.27 fr ATI support !!!!!!!!!

older versions do not have an good rederpfadh fr fglrx.

start winecfg and check the version.

check the wineqh and wineappdb for oblivion becourse of the .dlls you need.