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Thread: Intel P55 Chipset Preview On Linux

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    Default Intel P55 Chipset Preview On Linux

    Phoronix: Intel P55 Chipset Preview On Linux

    This morning Intel has introduced their new mainstream desktop chipset, the Intel P55, and has brought forth the Core i5 processor family along with new Core i7 processors for use with this new chipset and socket. Intel sent us out a review kit of this new hardware so we are already able to comment on its Linux compatibility. In this article we are talking specifically about the Intel P55 and its Linux compatibility with regard to the Intel DP55KG motherboard while in the next article we have Ubuntu Linux benchmarks using an Intel Core i5 750 and Core i7 870.

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    The E1000E driver is the only thing that you need to update when you want to use lan with older kernels than 2.6.31. Saidly you did not use

    lspci -nn

    to verify that. If you want do do benchmarks with older distros you can use:

    To get the needed driver.

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    no turbo boost?


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