According to the many internet reviews, AMD SB600/700/710/750 chipsets have problems with AHCI and RAID performance. These test are usually made on Windows, in addition RAID test are using crippled firmware RAID integrated into motherboards bios.

In Linux, the situation is different. We dont use vendor AHCI drivers and we use mdraid, wich is superior over motherboard fakeraid. So, my question is:

What is the situation with AHCI and mdraid on AMD southbridges in Linux? Is the situation so bad, that nVIdia nForce would be far better solution for AMD platform?

Or nVidia nForce os not much better anyway, and it is better to choice Intel platform for best AHCI and mdraid performance?

I have read some post about this topic here on forum, and I searched PTS Global for some results, but this database is not very suitable for searching and comparing