I'm pretty late with this news, but a couple of months ago a schedule purported to be Lenovo's Thinkpad roadmap up to early next year was leaked.

The roadmap (assuming it's accurate) shows that the T400 will be joined (replaced?) by a T410. I was intrigued to see that this notebook is listed as "(Int & Hybrid)" (see the graphic here).

I was planning to get a new small form-factor (13-14") notebook early next year, with discrete ATI graphics - and this roadmap raises some questions about the T410:
  • Does the roadmap indicate that this notebook will have hybrid graphics? Or does the term "Hybrid" refer to something else?
  • If it does mean hybrid graphics, is it likely to be ATI, rather than nvidia? (I assume ATI since the current T400 has a discrete ATI GPU).
  • How likely is it that the radeon or radeonhd driver (or xserver for that matter) will support hybrid graphics by that time (I'd be happy if the cards weren't switchable and just worked in crossfire mode constantly ). The most info I've seen is in this Ubuntu bug report.
  • Does anyone have a hybrid graphics (nvidia or ATI) system at the moment? Is it working? What is your experience?

Thanks for any info.