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Thread: Ubuntu's Firefox May Gain JPEG 2000 Support

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    Quote Originally Posted by makomk View Post
    Unless graphics cards have gained hardware JPEG 2000 support without me noticing, rendering the image requires converting it to an uncompressed format - which is what those commands are testing.
    Actually, the rendering will be faster, thanks to wavelets, because you don't need the whole image to be decoded. On Jpeg you need to decode the whole image, which, on very large image could be very long. On JPEG2000 you could decode a part of the image, for example, what you're currently looking at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chithanh View Post
    The sole maintainer of the libpng APNG patches decided to stop working on it last year.
    Actually, you link shows that APNG patch is alive and well.

    Quote Originally Posted by chithanh View Post
    Application support for MNG seems more widespread than APNG.
    But how many of them still work? I tried official gif2mng converter, and it wouldn't work for me at all.

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    Yes Ming does look interesting

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