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Thread: Linux 2.6.31 Kernel Is Ready With -RC8 Release

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    Quote Originally Posted by highlandsun View Post
    -rc8 always hangs in udev during bootup for me. I'm guessing it probably works fine for everyone else otherwise there'd be more complaints by now... I built it by applying the rc6-rc7 incremental and rc7-rc8 on top of my previous rc6 tree.
    Nope, I'm having the same problem. udevd starts at about 4s of kernel uptime, then vanishs into non-existence at some undeterminable point in time. 2.6.31-rc7 works fine though. Really awkward, a pity I don't have time right now to investigate this any further.

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    I have got problems with intel onboard q45. Other intel onboard chips seem to be affected too. It boots fine using splashy to X - i disabled KMS - but on shutdown or when switching to a vt then the system crashes. With an extra export fglrx 9.8 works and nvidia works without problems too.

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