Nice forum!

I am basically composing a linux system on which I will tinker with misc open source GIS and cartography software. (I am planning to map the world) This will require some oomph as lots of data is freighted around, however I am still on a low budget (less than ?500) as this is just for hobby purposes.

Having learned my lesson the hard way getting the supposedly ?linux compatible? EPIA M10000 to run smooth I am now going to consult the experts:

What is in your opinion the best pile (MOB,CPU,GPU) balancing speed, value and linux compatibility?

To help you on the way:

AMD X2 4600+ (AM2) vs. Intel Core 2 Something
Best motherboard for the above
Good performance drives, will a raid0 improve speed given file sizes of max 1Gb
Good performance GPU

Thank you for any replies in advance.