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Real performance is what happens after the system has finished booting up and you actually start to use it.
But there are few things more annoying than having your OS crash and then having to wait for it to reboot, which is why Microsoft has been faking 'fast boot' for so long by putting up the login screen way before the system is ready to use.

My Windows laptop has taken to spontaneously powering down lately, and XP takes about 30 seconds to get to the login screen and then about 2-3 minutes before it's actually usable after logging in (thanks to every little program wanting its own 'service' and 'taskbar applet' and wanting its own 'updater' to check for updates whenever you boot). The Ubuntu netbook with (I believe) a slower disk, a quarter of the RAM and a much slower CPU takes about the same time to get to the login screen and about 15 seconds before it's ready to use after logging in.