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Thread: A Few Details On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

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    Default A Few Details On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

    Phoronix: A Few Details On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4 was just released, but Red Hat engineers have already been working on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0 and today a few details regarding this next major feature release were learned during the Red Hat Summit in Chicago. Details regarding RHEL 6.0 are scant, especially with Red Hat being a public company and all, but some new information was gained today and some signals of what's coming down the pipe can already be spotted in Fedora.Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0 will feature improved power management, a broader system framework, many virtualization enhancements, greater optimizations for large scale deployments, improved manageability, more work on desktop environments, and a big emphasis on performance...

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    i wonder how plausible it would be to bench various virtualization technologies.

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