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Thread: ati 200m express vs intel gma 3100

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    Default ati 200m express vs intel gma 3100

    Im facing a problem here at office, I have to upgrade my motherboard that is getting old, but I dont have too much choices. Currently what our providers are selling have intel GMA video cards. On the other hand, my current ATI IGP is quite old and no longer supported. Obviously, in numbers, the GMA 3100 should be better than ATI 200m I think, but is it in real life? What I do mostly is developing with Ogre and playing Regnum Online (which gets a low framerate and terrible quality, but it is playable). Should I upgrade?

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    This is rather old, but not much has changed since then:

    My laptop's integrated 200M can handle KDE4 with all bells and whistles (slows down every now and then). It can game, but you're looking at 640x800/low quality. No idea how a intel 3100 would perform though.

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