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Thread: Con Kolivas is working on a new scheduler for Desktop/Multimedia/Gaming PCs

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    Quote Originally Posted by kraftman View Post
    It seems bfs is a mess:


    I really recommend you to try a normal distro (with sane config...), before you post a thing, because it seems you've got something really messed up...
    I know how to configure a kernel. And I had those problems with openSUSE too.

    @Ant P.

    Strange, because I have no problems with CPU usage. It seems two Gentoo users have problems.
    Way to extrapolate. "I have no problems therefore the rest of the world doesn't either."

    (Snipped the rest of this nonsense.)

    I recommend reading up on this issue because I'm in no mood to start googling and copy&pasting for you. This issue has been there since the first time Kolivas solved it with his -ck tree (which got largely ignored by most devs since their so-called "desktop" consists of an xterm and emacs running on 10000$ hardware.) He worked hard and got far. Hearing this from you is insulting his much appreciated work. Also read up on the extreme performance gains Android users get with BFS.
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