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I couldn't find a bugzilla ticket for the "washed out colours". I didn't go through every single ticket with "Xv" but I did go through all the ones with likely sounding descriptions (and more). Can someone file a ticket with an example, preferably with a link to the (legal) video file ?

I know we went through a *lot* of discussion regarding the open source drivers and what was actually "correct" - the specs are kind of vague about when each conversion matrix should be used so the devs tried a series of different heuristics until everyone seemed happy with the results.

There doesn't seem to be a clear "right and wrong" here, just a variety of opinions. IIRC part of the problem is that video files are not tagged to identify which conversion matrix was used for encoding, so the driver has to guess based on things like video resolution (eg SD is usually encoded one way, HD is usually encoded another way).
I never filed a bug because for me it's SO OBVIOUS that I assumed everybody knew and nobody cared / knew how to solve it. For example, I find it impossible to find a #000000 colored pixel with fglrx + xv. The lowest color I can find is a greyish #101010. Just play a video with a black start and notice the difference between the bands and the image:


With fglrx + gl, fglrx + x11 or EVERY other video driver (radeon, nouveau, nvidia and intel, I also have intel and nvidia chips) it looks like this:


The same happens with whites or other strong colors. And it has been like this since I bought my 3850... 21 months ago.