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Thread: which processor to purchase for Virtulisation purpose

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    Default which processor to purchase for Virtulisation purpose

    I am going to purchase a laptop for virtulisation purpose. my task is to run various distros. Which processor i should purchase.
    core i3 Or i5 Or i7 ??
    I have configured core i7 720 QM (higher model like 920 will cost me too high) + 4G 1333MHz DDR3 + 500GB 7200 rpm disk.

    Any suggestions ?

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    A quad core will be fine, should be no problem.

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    How, I can use Turbo frequency on core i7 ? Will it automatically do it by itself. I will use Fedora/Ubuntu over it !!

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    Turbo functionality is available in recent kernels. I don't know if it is in available 9.10, but 10.4 will support it when released.

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