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HoN is a great design. But as an online only game its crap, just because of who else plays it. Worst online community i have ever seen.

- Hosts are always afk or you need to wait for their friends to arrive
- servers lag, chat server never works.
- Brazilians, not because they are Brazilian but because i have yet to play a game with them in HoN where i am not called the N word or someone brings up a 9/11 reference.
- People think its dota, call it dota, use the dota names.
- few if any will buy it.
- People cant read.
- Stat padding, its a frigin beta..

Man i could go on forever about why this game is a disgrace. None of this even S2's fault, just the retarded dota players who have no life and whos fun consists of making others feel miserable. I am in no position to call 200,000 people stupid but a fine example of this stupidity exists right here on phoronix.

I will make note, It runs a hell of alot better on ubuntu then Vista. I dont know how you people can put up with the players tho. Maybe its better on the European servers.
Ditto. Wanted a training mode at the very least so I knew wtf was going on. Single player option would be nice too.