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Thread: Eyefinity on open source drivers?

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    It looks like there are three pillars of "eyefinity" that need to be combined for the monitor wall seen in the videos.
    1. Fast GPUs
    2. enough outputs on each card
    3. A method to spread the drawing over multiple GPUs

    My understanding is that 3. (and any kind of multi-GPU-on-single-X-server support) is a huge TODO item that can't be picked up until kernel memory management is done and may not be started until after the G3D transition.

    bridgman, when you said it's probably easy to support in OS drivers, did you refer to points 1. and 2., or did you include point 3.?

    granted, there has been quake 3 on 24 monitors back in 2006, and maybe DMX will work again soon.. is that the OS solution you have in mind?

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    I was just talking about point 2 - enabling >2 outputs on a single card.

    Point 1 will happen over time anyways.

    Point 3 is only implemented by proprietary drivers today AFAIK (we call it Multiview) and is a bunch of software work, but it's pretty much independent of the hardware.
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