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Thread: This Week: VDPAU, X.Org, Gaming

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    Default This Week: VDPAU, X.Org, Gaming

    Phoronix: This Week: VDPAU, X.Org, Gaming

    This week at Phoronix the news coverage was a bit less than normal since your's truly is currently at Oktoberfest 2009 in Munich, but there were still many important news happenings. When it comes to our Linux graphics news coverage, there was a huge patch presented by Zack Rusin that brings Geometry Shaders to Mesa. X Server 1.7 also finally reached its first release candidate with the hope that X.Org 7.5 will still be released late this month or early next month...

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    When talking about Linuxgaming, how could you forgett the two Shadowgrounds games? For me this was the biggest news this weeks.

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    For those interesting in trying the bleeding edge open source drivers, download Fedora LiveCD/USB at:

    This code has all of the latest Fedora 12 packages, but sadly just shy of having the R600/700 3D support working.

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