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Thread: Did PCLinuxOS Die?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Synergy6 View Post
    I think you somewhat missed my point.

    Whether the distro "died" or not is irrelevant. Y'all don't have to start ripping apart each others' characters over it. Keep things in perspective.
    Peoples perspective obviously vary and always will. For me this maybe important. I'm a type of person who defines someone by what they say. Whereas I wasn't blaming the incorrect poster for all of the problems although he may have contributed as others replied to him and believed his information. Who knows who that poster really was and who else they told the incorrect information to. I was just saying because of people giving incorrect information, and not actually believing the truth that was posted, the wrong information got spread. This was an obvious example. You even not knowing through the whole conversation that the distribution is still alive, is an example. There's obviously doubt now where there should have never been. I care about the community of PCLinuxOS and the people who have worked so hard on the project. It's a thankless job and the poster being a developer as he called himself should know that. I understand how for you it may be easy to come in and say "keep things in perspective" but you do not know what perspective I am coming from. As you don't know who I am and what I represent. If this isn't your perspective you do not have to post about it because obviously it doesn't matter to you as it does for me. Regardless of any perspective people need to be held accountable for the information they give, otherwise there's no validity in talking at all.
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