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Thread: Help me making my own Live distro

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    Default Help me making my own Live distro

    Hello there Phoronix, as the name suggests I'm on my way of building my own distro, I'm starting from a fresh and basic Debian lenny install, intended to be console-based only, no X, no GUI, special purpose is for security testing/penetration (just like Backtrack), so what I need are suggestions on packages for a usable system.

    After that I will upgrade to 2.6.31 kernel for KMS madness

    PS: This is my first post by the way and English is not my native language (so please be gentle )

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    You can not use 2.6.31 without udev upgrade correctly on lenny. I create my new live image using:

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    Default Thanks Kano!

    Thanks for posting that link to the Debian Live images. I believe someone else mentioned it not long ago on another forum, but now I have that link to keep handy, so I appreciate it!

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