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Now, OpenCL-based encoding and we are talking.
Incorrect If you know how video encoding/decoding works, and how GPUs work, GPUs are _not_ CPUs. There are some things they do _very_ well, like the Fast Fourier Transform for example, that make them far better at decoding video. However, the whole GPU encoding mess is smoke and hand-waving. No current GPU can come close to a good CPU running x264. The x264 devs have said that there are some small parts of the encoding process that could benefit from the GPU, but it isn't much. Unfortunately, most (all?) of the magazine and e-mag benchmarks have used a very bad CPU encoder like Apple's, an ancient build of x264, or very crazy settings.

GPU decoding is what is what will really be nice -- not encoding, sadly. Unless you're talking about advanced post-processing before encoding, as the GPU can help a ton with FFT noise/grain removal.