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Thread: XvMC Work Moved To X.Org State Tracker

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    Default XvMC Work Moved To X.Org State Tracker

    Phoronix: XvMC Work Moved To X.Org State Tracker

    At the beginning of this month we shared news about X-Video and EXA coming to Gallium3D through a new X.Org State Tracker being written by Zack Rusin. While Gallium3D was designed for providing 3D acceleration of sorts (OpenGL, OpenVG, OpenGL ES, etc), with the latest graphics processors using the 3D engine for even providing 2D EXA acceleration, Zack spanned this support to include EXA and then X-Video...

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    What does that mean ? A state tracker for XvMC is being developed into Gallium 3D and it will be merged with a state tracker ? Or I misunderstood every thing ?

    Aggregating us the OSS news is great but pedagogy would be even better !

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