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Thread: X Server 1.7.1 Release Candidate 2

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    Default X Server 1.7.1 Release Candidate 2

    Phoronix: X Server 1.7.1 Release Candidate 2

    Shipping with X.Org 7.5 when its to be released shortly will be X Server 1.7.1, which is the first point release in the X Server 1.7 series that introduced X Input 2.0, Multi-Pointer X, and other new capabilities. For some last minute testing before going gold, X Server 1.7.1 Release Candidate 2 was made available over the weekend. This release candidate carries some fixes that will make the X Server work again on the Alpha architecture, patches for Xming and Xwin, and fixes for other bugs...

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    Good to see that people are keeping the Alphas in mind.

    I've got one sitting at home waiting for me to have time to play with it again... especially now that I've got a complete SCSI subsystem for it.

    Who knew a simple IDE DMA bug could cause so many headaches ( If it hadn't been for that, Lunar Linux would have had an Alpha port. Maybe someday.

    On topic: Yay X! Higher numbers are better. Go new releases!

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