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Thread: Ubuntu 9.10 "Karmic Koala" Beta Released

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    Running awesome on my system76 darter1. Has an older intel graphics chip in it but the new driver is nice. Very smooth animations in compiz and video looks great. I guess it has KMS as well, startup process is pretty awesome. Suspend is super fast now coming and going. My favorite thing to play with is gnome-shell. I think gnome3 will be a big hit if they can keep polishing gnome-shell at the rate they have been.

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    9.10 Netbook Remix Beta on a Dell Mini 10v:

    Broadcom draft-N (BCM4233 if memory serves) chipset works! Sort of!
    Can't see my access point, but if I add manually it it connects. Reboot and network manager loses it's settings.


    All hail 9.10! Bluetooth mouse works! Bluetooth PANU works!
    If you have a phone that supports BT PAN and it's a NAP (Network Access Point) you can use it as a wireless internet router.

    It even integrates into network manager properly! Hurray!


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    Upgraded from (Kubuntu) Jaunty a little while ago, and everything works flawlessly, except for the fact that I have no desktop or panel. (They crash on login.) Had to repair /etc/resolv.conf, because knetworkmanager is pure shit, but once that was out of the way, it was business as usual. Boots noticeably faster than Jaunty, too.

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    Works fine but my touch pad is acting up.

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