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MSI seems to have some of the better 785g boards it seems.
From all benchmarks i've seen they use the least amount of power as well.

Dont know about the drivers, dont have a 785g mainboard.

You can always add a discrete card, power consumption of the IGP/northbridge is actually lower than most non-IGP northbridges.

Dont know what u are planning on doing, but AM3 on an IGP board only adds a little FPS in games because of the limited amount of sideport memory.
If you dont do any gaming or only low res/low detail gaming DDR2 is just fine.
But, DDR2 RAM is expensive in comparison now. So, I'm trying to decide whether to keep my 2GB and also there is that DDR2 RAM 1066 MHz support issue with only 1 DIMM per channel supported. That's the speed I have.

I was wondering about the AHCI issue with the newer AMD boards, too. Is there any update on that as I can't find any more info on it and I haven't found much either (nothing specific or to answer my questions). I think there is something related to the SATA burst rate being poor?

Thanks for your reply, however!

I'm looking at a MSI 785G board anyway, though but it would be nice to find some info on the AHCI issue explained and figure out which RAM type I should go with (which really makes a difference in which boards one can consider).