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Thread: A couple of questions

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    I've played doom3 on my x850 with the open source drivers all the way through in the past. You should avoid the s3tc library when using doom3, though, as it just destroys your textures. The s3tc library only works with the r300 driver on applications that do not use multitexturing (so, for example, it works fine in NWN, but not doom3).


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    Ok, I have tested with Ubuntu 9.04 and 9.10 BETA. On 9.04 it sort of works if you disable S3TC. It renders the menus fine, and the level loads, but the shadows are borked pretty badly, and the color depth appears to be wrong. It also refuses to render anything above 640x480 and Low Settings. Oh, and the FPS is like 3...
    On 9.10, it renders the menus fine but hardlocks if I try to load a level. It also won't render the menu above 640x480.

    I guess I may have to use Hardy + 9.3 Catalyst for a while longer....


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