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Thread: Nouveau Developments: KMS, Suspend & Resume

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    Default Nouveau Developments: KMS, Suspend & Resume

    Phoronix: Nouveau Developments: KMS, Suspend & Resume

    Yesterday there was a news article on Phoronix entitled What's Up With RadeonHD and Nouveau? As was mentioned in that article, not a lot of news has come out of either X.Org project in recent months nor any driver releases (except that changed for RadeonHD yesterday afternoon) and users have started to wonder about the project's status. Never once did we imply that the Nouveau driver was dead, but that it was "not accelerating as fast as some would like." Nouveau's Ben Skeggs though felt differently and has now written a blog post detailing some of the recent developments for this open-source NVIDIA driver. Since the release of Fedora 11 (early June), the Nouveau driver has matured with its kernel mode-setting, support for G80 series kernel mode-setting, improvements to its NVIDIA video BIOS reading abilities, a new method for submitting commands to the display engine (display push buffer), tiled scan-out, and suspend-and-resume support with Nouveau KMS...

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    thanks for posting the follow-up, that was the right thing to do.

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    I never got the impression that Nouveau development was dead. IMO, the Phoronix post was well timed. I had notice that we haven't heard much from the Nouveau camp. Luckily, Phoronix makes a post and got them to speak.

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    The issue is that all the people still actively developing nouveau are doing just that; figuring things out, and writing code. The TiNDC's used to be written by a nouveau user who generously donated their time to go through IRC logs, and commits, and turn that into something that made a nice, informative read.

    I'm going to try and keep blogging when something interesting happens, but most of the time it's "ok, done, onto the next thing!".

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    Default Nouveau Developments KMS Suspend Resume

    on aside, you mentioned Wanda got killed? is that under Ultimates 3 written by Jeph Loeb? i heard the franchise went to sht when he took over so havent bothered reading it any more

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