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Thread: Intel Releases New Moblin 2.1 Preview

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    Default Intel Releases New Moblin 2.1 Preview

    Phoronix: Intel Releases New Moblin 2.1 Preview

    Last month from the Intel Developer Forum a preview copy of Moblin 2.1 was released, which introduces the Moblin Garage and other new capabilities to this mobile Linux operating system that is targeting Intel Atom netbooks and nettops but will be moving to smaller devices too. The first preview spin of the next Moblin release was nice, but this week Intel has put out a new build of Moblin 2.1. Of course, we fired up this new release for a look.

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    Moblin runs really fast but no 3G? Ya gotta be kiddin. What is mobile about that. The wifi works great but its like having your
    leg tied to a stake. Hope they fix that real quick.

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    Maybe the laptop they used didn't have the hardware to connect to 3G.

    Ah, Moblin looks magnificent once again :-). This really makes me want to buy a little nettop.

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    Given that it said it was unavailable, rather than simply absent, I'd say it's the hardware. Actually, I think I'd prefer to have those options absent, rather than be reminded of the limitations of my machine.

    Moblin is looking damn fine. I'm quite impressed with how well normal GTK+ apps look (although there weren't many, those that did blended quite well with the environment).

    I'm considering buying a netbook in a few months. I'm definitely considering Moblin for the OS. In fact, I'm wondering how it'd go on my desktop...

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    Default Nice theme, but waste of time nether the less.

    Imagine, an operating system--with the emphasis on proving that netbooks are just for surfing the web--not writing or doing spreadsheets or many of the useful things people do with them. I have even done 3D CAD and a bit of raytracing on my netbook.

    I just installed Ubuntu 9.10 beta.

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