Hi Yall & Michael,

um, like dude, di you just say ....

"The Unified Video Decoder 2 (UVD2) support with ATI Avivo HD may also be ignored by Linux users at this time, as we have been talking about the X-Video Bitstream Acceleration (XvBA) for a year now and it still has yet to be usable by ATI Radeon customers, but it finally will be in the very near future. UVD2 in ATI Radeon hardware will finally mean something on Linux, but we will have to wait to share more until permitted."

Holly Smokes, that should so have been the title of this article!


We can organize, UVD2 / X-Video Bitstream Acceleration (XvBA) Parties, accross the www, to celebrate! :-)

Just as well I went for a 5850! :-)



Right, that is enough for now....

Waits for further updates, in a mild state of shock.

GreekGeek :-)