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The problem with fglrx is that it lacks about 2-3 month behind in several aspects:

a) kernel support
b) xorg support
c) hardware support

Nv tries to fix all 3 issues with new drivers in a way it does not take so long. There you get often kernel suport even for eary rc kernels, ati thinks they are forced to wait till the kernel is stable before they are allowed to download and test it. same applies for xorg. For hardware support issues the point is that most hardware basically works, but they tend to annoy people whereever they can using watermarks. Use a beta mark in logfile or as splash, thats really enough! To remove all watermarks look there:

So if I can get this straight...watermarks on beta drivers not officially release by amd annoy the people that shouldn't (read: AMD doesn't intend for them to) have the drivers anyway?
I think we'll have to agree to disagree - I prefer AMD's monthly release cycle over nvidia's spontaneous approach, and I have no problems with a stable system being targeted first and foremost.