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Thread: Min. GPU for laptop?

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    Default Min. GPU for laptop?

    I was curious what GPU in a laptop is sufficient for drivers and performance specially applicable to 3D effects.

    Could someone comment (if in the know?)?

    I was wondering what the min. specs would be for:
    ATI, Nvidia, Intel...

    I know most modern mobile graphics cards can handle 3D but is there certain ones that are 'safe?' to go with?

    Also, Intel 4500 series are in a lot of laptops so what is the current status on them?

    If I go for a laptop with Nvidia, it's probably a 9600GT up to GT220M (guessing). As for ATI cards, there is a wide range and I don't know how they rate but it could be anything from Radeon HD 36xx to 46xx.

    Which should I look for?

    I want the processor Intel Core 2 Duo based so T6600 up to Q9000 so maybe P7350/P7450 or P8400 (preferred). Is the loss of virtualization with some of the processors a huge deal? I thought using VT would be cool when trying VirtualBox.

    Any comments or recommendations? ;-)

    Budget is $900 and below.

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    What do you intend to use the laptop for? How much 3D is needed? How about video acceleration?

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    Around $900 worth?

    I want to be able to watch 720p TV min. and 3D programs. I don't know what is ideal for virtualization but if Windows 3D programs can run in it? If Linux 3D apps can run without issues and whatever I can get for $900 worth.

    Google Earth, Video (avi and DVD), Blender (or similar), other graphics or 3D apps.

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