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Thread: Running Ubuntu 9.10 With Older PC Hardware

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    Hardware back in the day: Same shit, more speed
    Software back in the day: Same shit, less latency

    Hardware today: reducing power consumption, more latency, more thorougput
    Software today: more latency (causing performance drops on older hardware) and more thoroughput resulting in more speed on current hardware

    People complaining back in the day: computers are still the same like they were 20 years ago. When are we going to see some advancements. Where is the future?
    People complaining today: why are computers not like they were 10 years ago? I don't care about futuristic features! Scrap them! Why is my Windows7/Ubuntu 9.10 computer not faster than my Windows 3.1 pc was back in the day?
    Conclusion: STFU
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