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Thread: X.Org Development Room @ FOSDEM 2010

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    Default X.Org Development Room @ FOSDEM 2010

    Phoronix: X.Org Development Room @ FOSDEM 2010

    Luc Verhaegen, the longtime X.Org developer who was previously employed by Novell to work on their X11 stack and the RadeonHD driver and continues to hack on his VIA driver, has announced that at FOSDEM 2010 there will be an X.Org development room. Luc has been organizing X@FOSDEM annually for the past five years.X@FOSDEM 2010 though will not be the usual two-day event filled with X talks, but sadly, it has turned into a one-day affair...

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    It would be really cool if AMD, Intel, VMware, Red Hat would give a talk on what they are focusing now right now, and where they expect things to go for the next 6 months.

    And of course, where they see Wayland.

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    Just one suggestion to whoever is going to record the videos: film the slides, not the speaker!

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    Default coreboot AMD RS780 support

    Hopefully AMD RS780 support is in coreboot until then.
    The RS780 docs have been released months ago but the the code still isn't there.

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    thanks that you will be there!
    please upload the video files, youtube it not enough on a linux site...

    I'd love to see a ogg theora video in firefox, or just create a torrent of the video files, there will be many people seeding so you have no costs. but please provide the files and if it is possible in ogg theora format also and please film the slides, not the speakers as TeoLinuX already said.


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    Well, so far not a single speaker has stepped up to be at the X.Org room... If there are none or just one or two, the recordings aren't going to happen as I will not be there.

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