The Asus U1F-1P016E is a true ultraportable that weighs 2.7 pounds and tapers in the front of the case to a thin five-eighths of an inch tall. A lustrous black lid and real leather palm rest add to its appeal. So what's not to like? The speed and keyboard layout are so-so, the optical drive isn't built in, and the $2199 price (as of 6/6/07) is high.

Though lacking a built-in DVD burner, the U1F-1P016E is otherwise well designed. The unit feels solid, and the hard drive is shock-mounted on foam railings. It has both SD and ExpressCard slots, three USB ports, a FireWire port, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless communications, a fingerprint reader, and even a basic 0.3-megapixel integrated Webcam. The 11.1-inch screen is small but remarkably bright thanks to LED backlighting, and it is as easy to read in direct sunlight as it is under fluorescent lighting.

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