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Thread: Feedback & Feature Requests

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    Default Feedback & Feature Requests

    Feel free to post your Phoromatic feature requests, feedback, and bugs in this thread. I will also be updating this thread with various Phoromatic notes.

    About right now the only warning/word of caution that I have is that when running tests through Phoromatic it doesn't have support for installing any external dependencies for a test profile, if the user Phoromatic is being run as is not root. So either run "phoronix-test-suite install-dependencies all" before starting Phoromatic, just ensure you have all dependencies installed, or that all the tests themselves installed that you will be running through Phoromatic.

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    I found a bug. Here is a short vid (fullscreen advised)

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    Default 'This Video does not exist'

    That's what I get when I click on it. Short video indeed.

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    Default I tried the suggestion, phoronix-test-suite install-dependencies all

    I tried the suggestion, this is what I got:

    phoronix-test-suite install-dependencies all

    ERROR: Invalid Argument: all

    phoronix-test-suite install-dependencies [Test | Suite | ID | Test Result] ...
    My second attempt:
    sudo phoronix-test-suite install-dependencies all
    [sudo] password for lovepoet:

    NOTICE: The following PHP extensions are OPTIONAL but recommended:

    CURL PHP CURL is recommended for an enhanced download experience.
    PHP FPDF PHP FPDF is recommended if wishing to generate PDF reports.

    Phoronix Test Suite v4.4.1
    User Agreement

    The Phoronix Test Suite is the most comprehensive testing and
    benchmarking platform available for Linux, OpenSolaris, Mac OS X,
    and BSD operating systems. The Phoronix Test Suite is designed to
    carry out tests in a clean, reproducible, and easy-to-use manner.

    - The Phoronix Test Suite is open-source and licensed under the
    GNU GPLv3. However, some tests supported by the Phoronix Test
    Suite are not open-source software or available for free of

    - The Phoronix Test Suite contains tests which may stress your
    system and in some cases could exhibit stability problems of the
    system's hardware or software configuration. The Phoronix Test
    Suite is provided WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. In no event shall, Phoronix Media, the Phoronix Test Suite, or
    any associated stakeholder be liable to any party for any direct
    or indirect damages for any use of --
    including, without limitation, any lost profits, business
    interruption, loss of programs, loss of programmed data, or

    - For enterprise support, sponsorship, or other professional
    inquiries, contact [email protected]. Community support can
    be found in the Phoronix Forums at

    - If you opt to submit your test results to,
    the final results as well as basic hardware and software details
    (what is shown in the results viewer) will be shared and publicly
    accessible through

    - Public bug reports, feature requests, and other issues can be
    brought up in the Phoronix Test Suite forums, mailing list, or a
    direct email to Phoronix Media.

    Anonymous Usage Reporting / Statistics: If enabling the anonymous
    usage reporting / statistics feature, some information about the
    Phoronix Test Suite runs will be submitted to This information is used for analytical
    purposes, including but not limited to, determining the most
    popular tests / suites and calculating average run-times for
    different test profiles. The test results are not reported in
    this process nor the installed software / hardware information,
    but ambient information about the testing process. This
    information is stored anonymously. More information on this
    feature is available with the included documentation.

    Anonymous Software / Hardware Reporting: If enabling the
    anonymous hardware / software reporting, general information on
    your installed hardware / software components will be reported to Hardware information is general details
    such as, but not limited to, the installed CPU, motherboard, and
    other general components. Software information is general and
    contains details such as your operating system, graphics
    processor driver, kernel, and software architecture. No personal
    information is collected. This information is pooled along with
    the submissions from all other users to show general trends and
    other details on

    For more information on the Phoronix Test Suite and its features,
    visit or view the included

    Do you agree to these terms and wish to proceed (Y/n): y
    Enable anonymous usage / statistics reporting (Y/n): y
    Enable anonymous statistical reporting of installed software / hardware (Y/n): y

    ERROR: Invalid Argument: all

    phoronix-test-suite install-dependencies [Test | Suite | ID | Test Result] ...
    Can someone provide an example of phoromatic working, running a test, sending results etc, including an example of setting up a test-schedule and a test, please?

    A list of what needs to be installed, (in any linux distribution at all as an example, just state which distribution it is) would also be incredibly useful (because then I could simply install that distribution and follow your example.)

    Thank you.

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